Hush Hush

Singing Waiters.

Hiring a Singing Waiter is an emerging trend that is taking the wedding and event industry by storm – the novelty of having a hidden performer amongst the staff or even the guests whom then bursts out into song is very exciting and certainly the talking point of most events.


We are all professional singer/actors who have a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry. We create a ‘scenario’ that leads to an incredible show with stunning vocals and leading to a party where everyone is up, dancing and having a great time. 

You can choose to have one, two, three or more performers depending on the size of the event/wedding and your budget.
We want this to be extra special to you, so when booking us, we send you our full repertoire of songs for you to pick your favourites. If you have something different in mind, we can discuss your ideas and hopefully make them come to life.

​We really focus on what style of music you enjoy and getting that right for you, we guarantee; napkin waving, the conga, people up on their feet dancing, singing down the mics, dance off between Bride and Groom and getting everybody involved. 


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