Close up magic is a great way to give each set of guests their own little performance and a performance that is just for them. Every single close up magic performance is different, depending on the guests, they make the entertainment with close up magic. It captures peoples imaginations and opens them up to start having fun, joking, and generally start having a party.


Close up magic has changed in the last decade, it has really come back modern and fresh, with young magicians such as Dynamo and Troy bringing it up to date. It is now a performance that can really connect with a modern day audience, no longer is magic performed with top hats and bunnies! It is now about performing with props people can relate to, like their own belongings! 

Greeting Magic

Close up magic can be used to greet the guests. It works particularly well for parties and wedding receptions. The magician can greet people as they come in and offer friendly relaxed entertainment. This would be going around the people in the downtime while you are waiting for everyone to arrive, and getting people in the party mood.


It can knock down the barriers of people and really open them up. As soon as guests are laughing and showing their amazement, it creates a buzz that really starts off the whole night. It creates an atmosphere from the start and soon everyone is getting involved.


Terry the magician can also give a friendly welcome to your event, before he performs. This helps because planning events are stressful enough, but when everyone starts arriving at the same time and you are trying to get round to welcome them all, it is some times hard to welcome each individual group.


It shows your guests you have thought about them before hand, planning a lovely greet and some downright good fun for them upon their arrival. This gives them all a feeling of being thought about and starts getting them in the party mood, while you can worry about all the other things you have to think of!

Strolling Magic

Strolling magic means close up magic at any point you desire. It is moving around the people from the bar, to the people outside and generally performing all over the venue at a time you decide. This works well for events where there is no set time limit for guests to arrive. The magic can be spread out over the course of the night and happen in a laid back, "go with the flow" style.


The beauty of this type of performance is it runs along with your party or wedding, and you can design when and where it happens.  


At a lot of events there are different things going on, with strolling magic it can be stopped and started as the other things at your event unfold.


People are unpredictable sometimes and they do not always turn up exactly on time, also you may have guests that want to chat or catch up first, a strolling type performance has no set time limit so all these things can be taken into consideration as the event gets under way.


This means your guests are never interrupted and they never miss anything, there is not something going on and a magician going around as well, the magic act is designed to compliment everything else at your event.






Table Magic

Table magic has been popular at Weddings for a long time. A wedding day is a long day for guests and it is always split into two. The ceremony and the reception. These two parts of the day are separated by the lovely dinner. This dinner is the perfect place for close up magic, as it captures the guests attention and entertains them getting them ready for the night ahead.


Table magic means a magician going to each table to give them a really memorable and entertaining experience while they wait for their food. Table magicians in fact are highly regarded by hotels and catering companies as they compliment the serving process.


 A table magician (or at least a good one) will never approach a table eating food. This would be bad taste and at best an annoyance. Table magic is designed to entertain people waiting for food, or the next course, or people who have finished eating and waiting for the next part of the event.



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