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Updated: Oct 13, 2019


"How good are your acting skills?" is a unusual question to be asked when meeting a wedding couple to discuss DJ services ... so before standing on the table at Dodmoor House and reciting Shakespeare I asked "Why?.

The response was awesome, Sue & Pat had planned a first dance "skit" to surprise guests and generally create a buzz before the first dance song. The premise of this little routine was to keep playing snippets of the wrong first dance song from songs that are loved by Sue & Pat. They each chose two songs and in the routine Sue requested an end to Pat's songs and Pat requested an end to Sue's, all the while blaming yours truly for what was happening.

Let's get ready to Rumble - PJ & Duncan

Breathe - The Prodigy

Single Ladies - Beyonce

Halo - Soil

As you can see these were not your usual romantic slow dance songs, however the routine ended after lot's of laughter, WOO'S and audience participation with Sue & Pat approaching the DJ booth together to apparently decide (AT LAST) on the perfect first dance song.

You got the love - Florence and the machine.

And romance was resumed...

This little pre first dance "skit" had Sue & Pat's personality stamped all over it, it was fun, care free and quirky but all the while loving and romantic. 10 out 10 from me for the idea. I won't be scoring the acting, but I think we did a pretty grand job of that. (must be all the practice from pretended I don't have the Macarena.)

Massive shout out to Sam Bennett from Sam Bennett Photography & Film who captured the whole thing with these awesome photo's, always a legend!

So just remember, sometimes even the most formal wedding moments can be injected with your personality and style to create a moment unique to you and your day.

Love, Brad Pitt x

(okay, okay) Love, an extra from Eastenders x

(okay, okay) Love, Terry - Smooth Moves Events x




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