Guest song requests...

So you have the guest list sorted for the wedding... and you have the awesome DJ....

How can you make sure the guests feel a part of the DJ experience and enjoy some of the music played?

A good way to do this in recent years has been to offer guests a song choice that can be passed to the DJ. This works well to include the guests and obviously guarantees they will be on the floor to that song if they aren't the usual dancers!

If this is something that you feel may work then we have the perfect solution. Song request cards .....

This simple way of gaining a request from a guest ahead of time really has an exciting feel to it. The song requests cards can be offered before the day or actually on the day itself. You could set a few on each table with some pens, and give guests a real talking point for during the wedding breakfast. Or they could be collected and dropped off by guests in the downtime before the evening music starts.

What better way to get guests excited for the evening party and to bring everyone together chatting and talking? The requests can then be visually seen at the DJ Booth bringing the DJ and guests together and getting them interacting. It makes for a much more personal and unique way rather than guests just walking up on the night.

It is cute, entertaining and shows you have really thought about your guests ahead of the day.

What would be on your song request card??

What if you don't like some of the songs? What if you have 50 cards all with Baby Shark written on them I hear you ask....

Do not worry. We are here for you! You can obviously veto out any requests ahead of time that you really don't like and you can explain politely you did not wish for it, or we can! It is after all your day. I am sure friends and family will come through for you if you say "You have a request..... but please *insert culprits name here* do not write down *insert terrible song here*".

It is all part of the fun!

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