Michelle & Matt - Furtho Manor Farm

After a December full of christmas parties and corporate functions it was exciting to get back to partying with wedding guests. Our second wedding of 2020 was at Furtho Manor Farm with Michelle & Matt.

Furtho is a lush venue that has endless possibilities when it comes to styling and making the place your own. Every wedding I have been a part of at this gorgeous farm has been completely unique. It is such a blank canvas venue it really is exciting to see what everything will look like on the day.

Michelle & Matt booked our all day rustic dj package. This means we set up earlier in the day so guests could enjoy background music through the drinks reception & the wedding breakfast. Also when it came to the speeches we could provide professional wireless microphones for this.

This was the rustic booth we had for the day & evening. We had to create something a little smaller than usual due to the fact we were sharing the space with a 5 piece Ceilidh Band. The awesome band "Broadband" were so much fun and even Michelle & Matt's first dance was a group barn dance performed by them. The barn dances really did get everyone interacting and having fun as a group, so it was a dream to follow with the DJ set in the evening.

When chatting with Michelle & Matt before the day they had specified no modern music and had given guidelines of 60's classics, classic rock, glam rock & 80's cheese. It was a really fun evening and it was great to stick to the old classic music for the duration for a change!

Michelle definitely wanted lots of white with the greenery rather than bright colours, so using the white booth with the greenery looked great. This also helped with space as it made the set up more self contained and allowed lots of room for the band.

With the rustic styled set ups we can follow things such as wedding colours, flower colours, dresses to really make the set up not just fit the venue but also fit your exact day and style.

Looking forward to being back at Furtho Manor Farm later on this year!



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