There is no better way to kick off our Smooth Moves Events blog than with some exciting news....

If you have kept up to date with our services you may know we offer a "Rustic DJ Service". This service was designed to compliment Barn, Farm, Country and Rustic styled weddings. It is a DJ service that mixes professional sound and lighting with a completely rustic visual appearance. Rustic DJ Booths and rustic props are used to create a bespoke visual to match your rural wedding day.

From our first shoot with the idea in June 2017 the response from all of you rustic wedders has been amazing, and now it is time to properly give it the dedication it deserves. So enter "The Rustic DJ" , no longer just a service.

There is no change to any bookings and "The Rustic DJ" is completely the same team, however now when booking this Rustic DJ Service we can completely concentrate on those rustic touches and you will find it easier to keep up to date with news, stories, and exciting new releases.

Please do head over to The Rustic DJ if you have booked, follow or just generally love this service.

We would love to see you over there!

Now that this blog has been kicked off, there will be more blog posts coming soon! ...



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