Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Just over a year ago we attended the wedding of Sammie & Graham at Fawsley Hall Hotel in Northamptonshire. We were booked for a really quirky reason, one that was a complete surprise to all of the guests attending....

Sammie wished to have snow instead of confetti after the wedding ceremony! Of course, we loved the idea straight away and with the help of the Fawsley Hotel team we planned a way to make sure it was a surprise.

The wedding guests were to exit the ceremony into an outside courtyard for photos and drinks. We arrived on the day prior to the ceremony to make sure all guests had gone inside, then we got to work outside. We set up two professional snow machines and covered the tree's and some of the outside in snow, making sure to give a dramatic effect however also keeping all walk ways safe. To keep the surprise element we hid behind the trees and waited...

and waited....

We were waiting for the go ahead from the Fawsley Hall team, who had set up a chain of communication to make sure we were ready for the moment the guests walked out.

Naturally Sammie and Graham being the Bride and Groom came out first and BOOM! ....Snow seemingly fell from the sky above the courtyard doorway. As guests made their way out everyone seemed excited and no one was frightened of a bit of snow (one thing that had been a worry!). Everyone had smiles and the snow seemed to be a massive hit!

The WOW moment had been created, however we also helped out for the photo's. Being able to control when the snow happened, where it went and how much of it meant the amazing Caroline Rushton Photography could direct us to get the most out of the photo's.

This is a photo from Caroline of guests enjoying the snow and it just snows (shows) you don't need bad weather to create romantic snowy pictures. Caroline was amazing to work with on this, as she really did get behind the idea and even phoned to talk everything over before the day. I am just so sorry that this awesomeness was repaid by us covering her in snow... oh well I am sure we are forgiven!

So what about it...

Is snow just for Christmas? Would you want snowy picture opportunities in the middle of a day full of clear skies? It was certainly fun!

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