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casino tables

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Our casino table hire gives you the option to have a full sized casino table at your private event. The tables we offer are roulette and blackjack as from experience we know these to be the easiest to play and also the most fun and requested. All of the tables come with a casino trained croupier to run the game and keep guests entertained along with fun money to keep track of who wins. 

The game is simple, it is all the normal casino rules just not for real money. Guests play the tables in the same way as they usually would a real casino however instead of winning money back, the overall winner goes home with a prize. 

We can offer bottles of bubbles as prizes, or if you wish to get your own prize guests can play for that. There is no stipulation there needs to be a prize, it is just as much fun to play for pride!!

Rachael and Stuart Print Sized Images-35

Casino tables offer a great solution for bringing guests together and entertaining them in an interactive way. The tables are great for moments of downtime where relaxing entertainment is desired. Breaking the ice with groups of people is sometimes quite a challenge but the fun and group involvement that goes with a casino table certainly does this. 

The come and go nature of the tables also offers a great solution to events where people may want to catch up and chat. Guests can choose to play or not, they can also choose when and for how long they do get involved. This makes the casino a great choice for weddings and corporate functions alike as guests are not obliged to take part but it is there for those who want to. 

The number of guests usually determines how many tabes we advise are booked, so we make sure everyone gets to experience the fun!



Roulette is always a favourite among guests. The spin of the wheel draws them in and it is a table everyone can enjoy. Unlike tables such as poker, the roulette table is visually enthralling and guests get very excited waiting for the spin to decide whether they have won or not.


The great thing about the roulette table is many people can play at the same time. Usually we find guests come to the table for a bit, have some fun and then leave, then they pop back later. We always have the main thrill seekers, with a few people playing the whole time! This choice of getting involved or not is perfect for weddings and birthdays, if people want to chat and catch up with people they haven't seen for ages, the roulette table doesn't interfere with that. It is ready and waiting for them if they wish!


In most films where you see a casino scene, theres a roulette wheel spinning! 



Blackjack is another guest favourite. Being a relatively simple game, the dealing of the cards really keeps people in suspense. Guests crowd around and advise each other on whether to stick or hit and it always leads to group interaction and lots of fun.


Even though guests realise it isn't for millions, they still get thrills from trying to be beat the dealer. It genuinely makes people act very outgoing and gets a lot of inside jokes going on between guests. It is the perfect way to open them up and get them entertained and ready for the end of night party.


Blackjack is really engaging for groups because it is played against the dealer so you can be involved even if you are just spectating which is where it becomes an amazing ice breaker. All the rules can be explained to each player from our friendly and professional croupiers, so no one needs to have any previous experience. 

full casino

If you have more than 100 guests or just want the full casino experience you can have both tables, plus more if needs be. The great thing about having the full casino is that it creates an atmosphere similar to a real casino. There is a section of your event where the tables are positioned and people can come and go as they please, playing both tables and generally enjoying the fun atmosphere.


Which ever casino set up you go for all tables are delivered to your event half an hour before dealing begins (unless other wise requested) and set up ready to go. Set up usually takes 15 minutes and then our croupiers will open up the tables for guests to enjoy. 

Our usual run time is 3 hours, from experience this is the perfect amount of time for guests to enjoy, however do let us know if you event would suit a better run time.

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