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At Smooth Moves Events we offer an open format DJ service. Open format means we do not stick to just one genre, we are experienced in all genres and we mix the music you and your guests want to hear. This could be disco, pop, rock, indie rock, pop punk, dance, house, edm, rnb, hip hop, 70's, 80's, motown... it is all available depending on your taste.


The type of music played on the evening is discussed in our free meeting but here are  some random mixes by genre to give you an idea of how the songs are creatively blended together and mixed on the evening. If listening on a mobile please select the listen in browser option so you are not directed off of our site. You can also head over to our mixcloud or soundcloud directly. 

More genres and mixes are available if you message through our contact form and all mixes can be sent over so you can download and listen at your leisure.

House & dance 1.png
Summer Pop & Dance.png
Rnb, Pop & Hip Hop.png
80'S POP.png
pop late 90s early 00s.png
House, Edm, Garage, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass.png
Throwback 00s pop.png
Throwback House & Club.png
house & dance.png
pop and cheese.png
char hits 2020 1.png
reggaeton and latin pop.png
00S POP PUNK.png
valentines day sexy rnb 2.png
recent chart house.png
Throwback Hip Hop.png
old wedding disco remixed.png
reception drinks remixes.png
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