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We offer a photobooth and DJ & photobooth packages with help of the amazing BoothFairy!


The popularity of a photobooth is due to two main aspects of the service, it offers entertainment and fun on the day and also a lasting memory keep sake for the future which makes them perfect for weddings and corporate events.

It is a great add on to our DJ Services and we even style them to match the rustic style set ups. The booths are enclosed booths and give instant prints, so guests can leave with a memory of the day. The booths can also come with guestbooks so friends and family can leave messages alongside their crazy pictures!

All Photobooths come with a friendly, fun and professional attendant. 


All photos taken from the booth are also uploaded online so you can look through and download them after your event. 

On the day your photobooth can be decorated either with fairy lights or flowers to create a stunning visual and to help blend in to a special event setting. 

Set up time takes just over an hour so it is nice to have 1.5 hours to make it relaxed and to make sure everything is looking good! The run time for the photobooth is 3 hours, giving plenty of time for guests to get those fun photos and for you to make lots of use out of the unlimited prints. 

The 3 hour duration can either be 7pm - 10pm or 8pm - 11pm with your personal preference and event timings being the deciding factor.

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