The Rustic DJ is a bespoke service that is dedicated to barn, farm & country weddings. We love our nightclub & contemporary DJ set ups however when setting up at a country wedding we used to always feel a little out of place....

So we decided to create something that would follow and enhance the decor of a country wedding. After realising just how bespoke everything could be, we fell in love with the idea of each couple being able to have input on the set ups to create something personal and unique for their wedding and venue. 

We have created different variations on the rustic dj and also now have a complete collection of decor style dj set ups!



to offer wedding couples a DJ service that is bespoke in soundtrack but also in visual appearance. Our wish is to completely match your beautiful barn, farm or country wedding. 


is top of the range. We use professional sound & lighting, it is just hidden behind a rustic exterior so everything can look cute, not cluttered! 


are all about bringing everyone together and bringing a nightclub or festival style dj set to your private party. You are free to provide a list of must plays and even do not plays. Great music is endless, so if you really don't want to hear it, we really don't need to play it!


are completely bespoke. We have lots of different booths to choose from. The booths can then be decorated differently for each wedding. All the props and styling pieces we have available can be used for the set ups and we can chat about this when meeting. We can get creative and you can have as much or as little input as you wish on how everything will look on the day.


is intelligent lighting. This means we can have complete control over it via laptop or lighting desk. Being able to control the lighting is key for a dynamic light show and means we have full control over changing the lighting for certain parts of your event! We love to keep things tasteful and dramatic. 


always welcome, always here


We have 10 million pounds public liability insurance. This is more than likely to be requested by your venue so your event suppliers can be welcomed.


All our equipment is PAT tested and we can send over the certificate to your venue. This is also often requested to make sure your event suppliers can be welcomed.


Every booking comes with a complimentary face to face meeting. This is so we can plan the finer details and so we aren't strangers on the day!

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We even hold a showcase evening every 6 months. This event is so you can see everything up close and personal. This works well as a second face to face also.


The first set up in our collection is our classic nightclub style DJ set up. Our nightclub style DJ set ups look great when the lights are down. These set ups make use of bespoke lighting that can go any colour. Being able to follow the colour schemes of your event means everything can really blend in and match the vibe of your evening. 

Everything is smart and tidy, with all the tech and wires hidden behind the DJ booth. The lighting is on podiums to keep a modern visual and keep everything tasteful. This set up either comes with x2 or x4 podiums depending on lighting requirements.


The Nu Classic is perfect for breaking down the barriers between guests and your DJ. Rather than having a DJ booth, this set up uses our white deck stand. This gives the set up a more intimate feel and makes your DJ a part of the wedding party. It also has a completely contemporary and modern visual. 

All the wires and tech are hidden in the bespoke deck stand to keep things clean. The lighting with this set up is the classic mirrorball effect which offers the perfect mix of subtle and dramatic. The green of the large palms just finishes the whole thing off without compromising the minimal look.



Neon signs are in! Our greenery and neon booth looks right at home at special events. It is a modern and trendy approach to the classic DJ set up. We have a few neons to choose from that are designed for weddings and corporate events. 

The greenery booth not only helps the neon pop, but it hides all the tech, wires and neon hook up while looking fresh and classy.

This set up is very adaptable and looks great both minimal with a classic mirrorball, or as part of a larger set up with a full lighting rig.



Our graffiti industrial is a great set up for industrial look & alternative weddings. With a one of a kind I DO LOVE MUSIC graffiti booth to keep everything tidy, this set up is a statement piece against the old and tired "wedding dj" set ups. 

With the wild palms and ivy we have the ability to make this set up as wild and as green as you wish. Whilst being wild on the greenery side of things, the set up is still clean and tidy equipment wise creating a cool and contemporary finish. 


The Nu Neon is a set up all about the neon centrepiece. The clean and tidy white booth really helps the neon pop! It is great for pictures behind the booth and offers the perfect mix of visually appealing but minimal. With this set up it is great to keep the lighting simple as the vibe is created by the neon and the sleek look. For this simple lighting the classic mirrorball effect on both sides works so well. 

The neon being an interchangeable centrepiece means that there is plenty of room to be bespoke with the Nu Neon!


Moving on to barn, farm & country weddings, we have our rustic dj set ups! Our rustic dj service changed the game for couples booking dj's at country wedding venues. This was the first rustic dj set up there was that mixed professional sound and tech with a rustic visual appearance. The reception was so warm and welcoming from couples and venues that we went on to create lots more rustic designs!

The reason why this first design still holds it's own is because it was the original rustic dj set up and still looks great!

THE RUSTIC DJ - hessian booth

All of our rustic dj set ups are bespoke and the styling, greenery and props can be changed for each wedding. This rustic set up uses a wood and hessian DJ booth. The beauty of the hessian is it can be lit similar to our nightclub dj set ups, so this rustic dj set up can follow a colour scheme. 

The hessian and wood dj booth not only hides all the wires and tech but it allows the greenery to hang from it giving the option to go as green as you wish. In this set up our podiums are "naked" dressed with wisteria and festoon lighting. 


THE RUSTIC DJ - wooden deck stand

The difference with the wooden deck stand is the decks are on show! This offers the same intimate feel as the Nu Classic, involving the DJ as part of the wedding party. All the wires are still hidden behind the wooden deck stand and everything is tidy, or what we like to call "rustic tidy". 

This is the main difference when starting to think about how you would like your rustic dj set up to look. The booth or deck stand is the foundation and then we build on that to make things bespoke from the styling we have available. 

THE RUSTIC DJ - minimal

We also offer a minimal approach to the rustic dj set ups for tight spaces or if it is just a dj set during the day. This is compact and has a much smaller footprint than the other designs. It also works great for things such as ceremony music if the full dj set up isn't needed until later. 

This uses a small rustic dj booth and two podiums for either lights or speakers that are wood fronted to keep the rustic look and also hide the cables. 


Our modern boho dj set up is our nu classic fused with boho! It is a real statement piece that works well for boho and country weddings but also for more modern vibes. The triangle backdrop frames the set up perfectly and using our white deck stand means the wires and tech are once again all hidden. 

Much like the rustic style set ups, the finishing boho touches can be changed and tailored just for you. Changing the boho touches makes sure the set up is truly one of a kind. 



Using different elements of the rustic styling with a boho triangle backdrop looks great. This set up uses a hessian & wood dj booth with multi coloured wooden lighting stands for a boho feel. The festoon lighting gives the hessian a warm glow and lights up the booth for when the lights go down. 

All of our DJ set ups can be changed and adapted, you can take elements you like from each set up to create something totally unique to your day.


Boho & Boho Neon

Our Boho & Boho Neon set ups are full on boho vibes perfect for outdoor, tipi, barn, woodland and boho weddings! This set up uses our wood and mirror dj booth and tall wooden lighting stands. The booth is complimented by a gorgeous handmade macrame backdrop and the lighting stands are complimented by handmade dreamcatchers. 

The lighting used is a classic mirrorball and x2 white moving head lights, this follows the white & wood colour scheme. To break up the colour scheme and add an extra wow factor we can add in a neon sign which looks great against the mirror! 


Boho & Decks

Boho and decks is our Boho dj set up but rather than using a wooden dj booth, we use a deck stand. We can either use our white deck stand or go very stripped back and use two vintage whiskey barrels. Everything else stays the same, it is just dj booth vs. deckstand. 

If you have your heart set on one of our neons for the boho set up we can still add one in without the wood and mirror dj booth!



We also offer different variations on our boho styles. We can mix and match dj booths and create a set up that has a smaller footprint than the other boho styles. You can either have a white hessian booth and podiums or our wooden deck stand with wooden podiums, this creates a more subtle boho look. 

abbey 2_edited.jpg


Pink & Pampas uses our pink version of the deck stand to show off the decks and bring a colour twist on our nu classic set up. We can style the set up with either palms & botanicals or pampas depending on what flowers you are working with for your day.

The bold pink colours may not fit everyones decor but if it does then this set up definitely makes a statement!


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Lucy & Ryan


Sulgrave Manor

We used Smooth Moves Events for our evening reception at our wedding last year. They were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Terry met with us twice before the big day to discuss the details of the evening, what DJ booth set up we would like and what style of music. 

Terry was so easy to work with and even let me do a mock playlist which he worked from and expanded on perfectly. Everyone had a great night and we've had so many comments on how good the music was.

We were all so impressed that Smooth Moves is now providing the same service for my brother's wedding next year. I can't recommend them enough.


At Smooth Moves Events we offer an open format DJ service. Open format means we do not stick to just one genre, we are experienced in all genres and we mix the music you and your guests want to hear. This could be disco, pop, rock, indie rock, pop punk, dance, house, edm, rnb, hip hop, 70's, 80's, motown... it is all available depending on your taste.


The type of music played on the evening is discussed in our free meeting but here are  some random mixes by genre to give you an idea of how the songs are creatively blended together and mixed on the evening. If listening on a mobile please select the listen in browser option so you are not directed off of our site. You can also head over to our mixcloud or soundcloud directly. 

More genres and mixes are available if you message through our contact form and all mixes can be sent over so you can download and listen at your leisure.