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event lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of any event. Lighting can change the whole feel and vibe of proceedings and sets the mood. We offer lighting solutions for weddings, parties, corporate events and functions that need that extra special wow factor. 

We can build lighting packages to suit your vision and bring your event venue to life. From simple architectural uplighting to special lighting effects, we have a vast array of professional lighting at our disposal to create something bespoke for your event. 


Starting off with a free consultation is the perfect way to get to know your event, we can then create some unique lighting designs just for you and build a plan together of what the result will be. Of course we are always here for support and any changes needed and on the day our team will take care of the transformation. 

Here is the end of the Orangery room at Blenheim Palace. We were following a Gatsby & 1920's style lighting design to create a special place for the band to set up for a wedding. The main focus was to make sure the band were highlighted in a magical way but also following the Gatsby style colours that were present throughout the day.


We also had fully controlled lighting for the dance floor. We had control over this via laptop, meaning we could change colours, effects, speeds and positions of all lighting at the touch of a button. This means we could have different shows running for the first dance and then change this up as the band kicked in for guests to party with. 

Here is pink architectural lighting again in The Orangery room at Blenheim Palace. This lighting is to highlight the details of a venue. In this case we highlighted the many pillars that this long room had.  It is an amazing way to not miss the beauty of your venue when the lights go down, but also be able to set the desired mood. You can even goes as far as having colours that match other elements of your event such as wedding colours or business colours. 

Architectural lighting can also help create different sections within one room. So if you have different areas of your event we can create different colours for these areas so they are all part of the overall event however they all have their own colour scheme or vibe. 

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Transform your venue with bespoke lighting that will create a tasteful, sophisticated but dramatic look to the indoors and outdoors.


Lighting for awards ceremonies, company parties and special promotional events that need the WOW factor to leave a lasting impression. 


Special lighting designs to follow your wedding colours and style. Fabulous lighting shows for bands, DJ's and for the critical moments of your big day.


Lighting rigs for small festivals or live music shows that need a controlled and dramatic lighting show to work alongside the bands, dj's or singers.

lighting available


Transform your venue with bespoke lighting that will create a tasteful, sophisticated but dramatic look inside and out.


Moving heads are great performance lighting and also work well for corporate events. They give movement to the lighting design.


We can project bespoke logos or designs onto walls or buildings. This could be names and dates for weddings or business logos or advertisements for corporate events.


Scanners offer a great solution to performance lighting. They can be used to create dynamic lighting shows for dj's, bands or singers. Perfect for festivals and clubs.


The classic mirror ball effect adds a lot of sophistication to the room and packs a massive punch for a fairly small footprint.


Pinspots are great for lighting specific areas. For example lighting every table where guests will be sat so the venue house lights can remain low.


We offer follow spots so your speaker or entertainer can be followed around the stage to keep them illuminated and seen by your guests at all time during performance. 


We offer laser shows big enough for small festivals or large private events. We can create a show that has a big impact to work alongside your dj, band or performer. 

Here is a lighting design we did at Dovecote Barn in Oxfordshire. Dovecote Barn runs corporate christmas party nights every year and in December 2019 the theme was Nordic. 

We were asked to create a "Northern Lights" style lighting effect. This was used as an entrance piece and the effect was created for the marquee ceiling above the guests as they entered.  Everything was pre programmed so that at a click of a button the effect could start and run. 

This was a very impactful entrance and really followed the theme of the event, it worked perfectly to create a great first impression and a buzz from the get-go!

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