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Lighting is a crucial part of any event. Lighting can change the whole feel and visual dynamic of proceedings. SME offers lighting solutions for weddings, parties, corporate events and functions that need that extra special wow factor. 

We can tailor build lighting packages to suit your vision, and bring your event venue to life. From simple architectural uplighting to special lighting effects, we have a vast array of professional lighting at our disposal to create something bespoke for your event. 


Starting off with a free consultation is the perfect way to get to know your event, we can then create some unique lighting designs just for you and build a plan together of what the result will be. Of course we are always here for support and any changes needed, and on the day our team will take care of the transformation. 

Pictured above is the end of The Orangery room at Blenheim Palace. We were following a Gatsby & 1920's style lighting design to create a special place for the band to set up, and make sure they were highlighted in a magical way. We also offered fully controlled lighting for the dance floor. We had control over this via laptop, meaning we could change colours, effects, speeds and positions of all lighting at the touch of a button. 

Pictured left is a wedding cake cut. To make the moment even more special we highlighted precisely just the cake and the wedding couple, leaving the guests darkened. This made for a very dramatic moment, and enhanced the feeling of closeness for the cut. It also made for an amazing photo!

Pictured to the right is pink architectural lighting in The Orangery room at Blenheim Palace. This lighting is to highlight the details of a venue. In this case we highlighted the many pillars that this long room had.  It is an amazing way to not miss the beauty of your venue when the lights go down, but also be able to set the desired mood. You can even goes as far as having colours that match other elements of your event, or even logo colours for corporate events. 

In addition to lighting we also offer special effects such as confetti canons, bubble machines, flame machines, smoke machines, snow machines and dry ice machines. These can compliment the certain moments that really need to stand out and leave that desired lasting impression.

Pictured left is Amber lighting against exposed brickwork at the beautiful Dovecote Barn, Oxfordshire. Highlighting the brickwork looks stunning, and really means you don't miss that detail when the lights go down. It also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy themselves in.

Pictured below is uplighting once again at Dovecote Barn. The uplighting can take over from the normal room lighting once they are dimmed or switched off. This means you get a complete transformation for you venue which can follow any colour you wish. 

Being able to have a bespoke colour really means your venue room will look completely unique and be tailored for you. 



Here are some photo's from a wedding at Heythrop Park. We used purple uplighting for the details inside the room such as pillars, walls and doorways. 

We then used a pink and cyan colour for the outside of the venue and the outside door ways leading back in to the venue. This created an amazing and dramatic effect outside and was met with great feedback from all guests. 

The colours were chosen due to the Cake, Bridesmaids dresses and also chair sashes being a mixture of these colours, so we were able to create something dramatic and surprising but all along matching the wedding colours and colour theme for the day.